Is there a dresscode?

No, you can wear whatever you want

Is there a guestlist?


Do you offer any discounts?

You can find the info about discounts here.

I have lost something in the club. Do you have a lost property dept?

If you lose something at Karlovy lázně, you can call ” CONTACTS ” and ask if your item was found. You can also come into the club the next day and ask at the entrance or you can email: info@karlovylazne.cz, if your items are not found you may “not” receive a reply.

How old do you have to be to get into Karlovy lázně?

16 is the minimum age to get into the club.

Do you accept any debit, credit cards?

No, we accept only cash. But you can use our ATM which is situated on the groundfloor.

What time do you open and which days are you opened?

We open at 9 PM everyday.

Can you give me directions to Karlovy Lázně?

You can see the contact page.